How To Battle Garden Pests Cheaply and Naturally

Battle Garden Pests Cheaply and Naturally

Garden pests can be the bane of a home gardener’s existence. You work so hard to get your plants to grow, then these bugs come along and destroy them. Are you looking for ways to battle garden pests cheaply and naturally? It’s definitely possible!

It Doesn’t Have To Be a Battle

Yes, we often talk about battling pests. However, it’s better if you start with a few mindset. Instead of thinking about how you’re going to battle garden pests cheaply and naturally, try to reframe your thinking. It’s not a war. It’s not a fight. Instead, it’s a challenge to establish equilibrium in your garden.

After all, your garden is part of nature. So are these bugs. So, even though you don’t want them to destroy your plants, you can maintain an appreciation for them. You can respect their urge to go for your plants. As you build this compassion into your gardening, it becomes mentally easier to face the challenge of how to handle them in your garden.

How To Battle Garden Pests Cheaply and Naturally

As you get ready to solve your pest problem, you want to focus on those two components: cost and natural pest repellants. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to deter pests from getting into your garden. Moreover, you can do this naturally, which saves on costs and also treats your plants (and the pests) much more kindly.

5 Ways to Battle Garden Pests Cheaply and Naturally

Here are five good options:

1. Plant The Right Flowers In Your Garden

Did you know that some flowers have natural pest-repellant qualities? Therefore, if you plant these in your garden, you easily deter pests from getting into everything. For example, marigolds are a good pest repellant. Other flowers attract specific predators that will naturally take care of various pests for you. For example, catmint attracts lacewing insects, which will then prey on aphids for you, protecting your plants.

2. Baking Soda Is a Natural Pesticide

You can kill certain garden pests, such as slugs, by pouring baking soda directly on them. Alternatively, make a spray solution with baking soda and water to use as a pesticide on various plants in your garden. This is an eco-friendly natural pesticide option that hardly costs anything.

3. Dish Soap Does The Job, Too

Did you know that the dish soap that you already use in your kitchen might also be a good pest repellant? Mix organic, natural non-bleach liquid dish soap with water. Spray this on your plants. It’s a semi-natural and very affordable pesticide.

4. Make a Garlic Spray

If you want a pesticide that is even more natural than dish soap would be, then consider making a garlic spray. Puree garlic cloves, mix them with water, cayenne pepper, and a little bit of vegetable oil, then spray it on your plants.

5. Use Essential Oils

There are so many great essential oils that you can use to battle garden pests cheaply and naturally. Different pests will respond to different oils but start by trying rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint, and orange essential oils.

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