7 Financial Benefits of Backyard Gardening

Financial Benefits of Backyard Gardening

You probably started gardening as a hobby. However, you might have always wondered if you could use gardening to save money. You certainly can. In fact, you can actually garden to make money if you’re savvy about it. The financial benefits of backyard gardening go beyond just saving at the grocery store, too! Here are seven ways you can save / make money with your backyard garden:

1. Save Money on Food

Obviously, the first money-saving thing most people think about is eating from their garden. That’s definitely one of the financial benefits of backyard gardening. After all, there are so many vegetables and herbs that you can grow yourself at a cost that’s significantly lower than what you’d pay for the same quantity at the grocery store. Earth Easy shares that some of the most cost-effective vegetables to grow include lettuce, bell peppers, squash, tomatoes, and garlic.

2. Sell Your Extras

Many people grow more than they can ever possibly eat in one season. If you’re skilled enough to create such bounty, then you can definitely profit off of it. You might set up a stand at the local farmer’s market. Perhaps you just want to set up a table in your own front yard on the weekends. Or maybe you just want to advertise on social media what you’re selling during your harvest period. Whatever method you choose, this is a great way to supply others in your area with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even flowers while also making some money.

Remember that you can also harvest your seeds and cuttings for sale to other backyard gardeners. Also, consider bartering with those gardeners. Trading what you have for what you need means that you don’t need to spend that extra money at the grocery store.

3. Plants as Gifts

You don’t have to spend money on extra gifts when you have plenty growing right in your own backyard. Head back there and pick a bouquet of fresh flowers. Make a basket of fruits and vegetables. Or collect herbs in a little envelope. These are special, personal, useful gifts that don’t cost you anything extra since you’re gardening anyway.

4. The Money You Save on Entertainment and Exercise

Debt Helper points out that working in the garden is exercise. Therefore, you save on gym memberships and exercise equipment. Similarly, many people enjoy garden time as a form of entertainment. Cancel your streaming television services and get outside to watch the plants grow instead. These financial benefits of backyard gardening might not be obvious. However, done intentionally, you can save a lot of money by thinking of all your garden provides.

5. Health Benefits of Gardening

Gardening offers so many benefits. The exercise you get from it is just one of those benefits. You also get Vitamin D, reduce stress, and derive many other benefits from your garden. Improving your physical and mental health is good for how you feel. It’s also good for your bank account. You’ll save money by avoiding doctors, medication, and the downtime of ill health.

6. Rent Out Your Garden

US News notes that you can make extra money by renting out your garden. If you have a beautiful space, then you might rent it out for events. Photographers might like to photograph your garden and the items in it. Even with a small garden, you might rent it out for picnics, wine nights, or craft sessions. Try using AirBnb Experiences to advertise unique opportunities like this for extra income.

7. Offer Gardening Classes

You’ve already learned a lot in your own backyard garden. Therefore, you possess knowledge that you can share with others. Many people would be willing to pay for your knowledge. Host classes in your garden.

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