5 Best Plants for a Privacy Wall


5 Best Plants for a Privacy Wall

A little bit of privacy can turn a plain outdoor space into a cozy oasis. Climbing, vining, and towering plants are perfect natural plant privacy wall options. With a plant privacy wall, there’s no need to fuss with the extra cost of lumber, fencing, or ready-made privacy accessories. Plants are a free, simple way to keep your yard, patio, or porch hidden from prying eyes. No need to worry about heading out to water your flowers in your pajamas!

A Word of Caution

Do your homework before settling on a plant for your DIY plant privacy wall. It may seem cheap now, but if you pick an invasive species, you’ll end up spending a chunk of money on getting rid of the spreading beast.

Consider also how a plant-ish privacy wall will affect other plant life nearby. Will there be enough shade to grow your favorite tomatoes next year? Will you still be able to enjoy the sunshine on your patio?

Don’t forget to find out how long it takes for the plant to mature. Will it take a decade for the vine to engulf your deck’s trellis? A plant that grows too quickly may turn invasive. If it takes forever to spread, it’ll be useless for immediate privacy purposes.

Lastly, does the plant provide privacy throughout the year? Evergreen cedars don’t shed their leaves in the winter, so they act as a permanent living fence. Flowering vines, however, may wither away in the winter and fail to provide enough of a screen during the colder months. If you’re not outside much in the winter, then this consideration matters little.

Best Plants for a Privacy Wall

Climbing Roses

What better way to gain privacy than with the help of beautiful blooms? Climbing roses pair well with a variety of support structures, so they’re an excellent pick for an elevated patio or deck.


While some types of bamboo are invasive, others aren’t as high maintenance. Bamboo is a tall plant that’s super easy to grow. Avoid aggressive bamboo species that send out runners. Don’t take chances, though. Install an underground barrier to prevent unwanted spread. Bamboo is an excellent choice for adding privacy around a pool area. It looks tropical, but it’s a lot less work to maintain than other tropical plants.


While boxwood won’t grow super tall, it’s an excellent choice for adding privacy if you don’t have a standard trellis or wall. I’m wary of vining plants because of a past (very awful) experience with an invasive vine, so I love the idea of placing attractive boxwood plants in tall pots for a chic, modern, privacy wall. Since nothing in containers is permanent, you can also move around the containers should you want to open up the previously hidden area.


Fake Plants

Hey, why not? Not everyone has a green thumb, but artificial plants are gaining momentum, and more people are adding them to their indoor and outdoor living spaces. Why? They require no water, no weeding—and they last forever. If you’re prone to killing plants, faux greenery might be a worthy alternative to a living plant privacy wall.

Jasmine vine

This fragrant vining plant is a gorgeous summer bloomer. It takes a while for it to spread, so it’s not for those who want instant-privacy. It’s also better suited for warm climates and doesn’t tolerate cold weather. You’ll need to start training the vines early on to ensure that the plant grows onto its support structure. Pruning is also necessary to encourage a bushy growth habit.