Gift Exchange Ideas With Fellow Gardeners

gifts for gardeners: female hands wrapping a red christmas presentGiving gardeners thoughtful and useful gifts is easy! I will provide you with a few ideas for great gifts for fellow gardeners so you can find a touching gift for the important gardener in your life (even if that’s you!).


Multitools are a small collection of tools that usually fold into a rectangular shape and easily fit into your pocket. They typically include cutting implements like scissors, knives, and saws but can also have small hammers and simple screwdrivers.

These make great gifts for gardeners because we often need all those tools in the garden, and having one you can fit in your pocket means you can always find it.


Gardening jackets and aprons make great gifts because they are extra durable and have pockets that are made to carry heavy or delicate things.

They are usually made of canvas to protect your skin and clothes, though you can get them in other materials like denim. You can even get them customized with names or for tasks like gathering eggs.


Gardening gloves provide protection from dirt, thorns, roots, and insects. And they are easily lost.

There are many patterns, and you can get different ones designed for other uses, like aerating soil, pruning, or preventing calluses.


T-Shirts are always fun gifts because you can browse through endless designs, shapes, and colors until you find the perfect one.


It is important to stay hydrated during gardening, so water bottles and cups are useful, and you can find cute gardening-related graphics or sayings. These can also be personalized to add more thought to the gift.


Headwear helps ward off sunburn on our faces and necks and helps keep us cool. They are another gift that you can pick the perfect graphic or pithy statement.


Baskets make great gifts because they can be instrumental in the garden to help carry harvests or supplies and make great home decor.

They come in various materials, shapes, and sizes so that you can find the perfect one.

Subscription Boxes

Consider a subscription box if you are looking for something that keeps the gifting going all year.

Small boxes are delivered to their home once a month. Each box has a theme and includes tools, seeds, or supplies and instructions on how to achieve the goal of the box.

And you can pick boxes that do different things than just vegetable gardening. You can pick houseplants, flowers, or even heirloom seeds to spice things up.

Magazine Subscriptions

Old-fashioned magazine subscriptions make a great gift, too. And you can choose digital options if the receiver of the gift prefers.


Did you enjoy these ideas for gift ideas for gardeners? What would you add?

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7 Garden Gnomes Perfect for Gifting This Holiday Season

I’ve always loved garden gnomes — even after watching the horrifying Goosebumps episode titled ‘Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes” as a kid. The Travelocity gnome is the cutest company mascot ever. And if you’ve never watched Gnomeo and Juliet, I highly recommend you do so immediately. 

Garden gnomes are the ideal garden decoration, in my opinion. They add a touch of whimsy and color without bulk, but they’re sturdy and don’t require any special tools to install. Just pop one in the dirt next to your plants and enjoy it from afar. 

In addition to being attractive garden installations, garden gnomes also make a great gift for your gardening friends. They’re also usually inexpensive and available in a variety of styles. There’s something for everyone — whether you’re looking for a tiny stocking stuffer for a secret Santa exchange or a sentimental gift for a loved one. Here are a few gnome picks to help you shop this holiday season:

THE Garden Gnome 

traditional gnome

The quintessential gnome is available in two sizes — 6 or 10-inches — and features a tough weather-resistant construction. 

Gnometastic Double Bird Garden Gnome

rude gnome

Consider this scandalous garden gnome for your gardening friend who has a cheeky sense of humor.

Gnome Solar Garden Light

solar gnome

Choose this dual-purpose gnome for a gardener looking to add more lighting to their garden area. 

BigMouth Inc. The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

garden gnome

Quite possibly my favorite gnome on the planet! A hilarious and unique garden fixture for your horror-movie loving friend. 

Big Mouth, Inc. Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome 

game of thrones gnome

Have you run out of ideas for the Game of Thrones lover on your list? Worry not! This regal gnome statue is the perfect choice for the GOT fan who’s still not ready to let go.

Rain Gauge Gnome

rain gauge gnome

Gift this useful rain gauge gardener friends who seem to always have trouble watering their garden the appropriate amount. 

Zombie Gnome by Design Toscano

zombie gnome

Still looking for the perfect Halloween decor for your garden? Why not add this pair of skeletal gnomes to the mix? The creepy statue is made of sturdy crushed stone, so it’s heavy and won’t topple over and is coated with UV-resistant paint. 

Solar Light Zen Meditating Garden Gnome

zen gnome

Add this dual-purpose gnome to your garden to evoke a sense of calm. The waterproof decoration features solar-powered lights that automatically go on and off thanks to a built-in light sensor.


Don’t Forget to Bring Your Gnome in for the Winter

If you’re buying a new gnome for your garden, don’t forget to store it properly for the winter. Even the most durable statue is vulnerable to damage if left in the garden as snow begins to fall. Carefully store your gnomes in a safe location where they’re unlikely to fall or get bumped. If concerned about damage in storage, wrap your precious gnomes in bubble wrap or newspaper.