Surprising Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

There’s no doubt about the benefits of starting a garden. It’s a hobby that can help you improve many areas of your life. Here are some little-known benefits of growing your own food that could inspire you to start doing so if you haven’t already.

Gardening Counts as Exercise

Many people know that exercising on a regular basis is beneficial for them, but they may not know that gardening can count as exercise. This may be true for the over 60% of women in the United States who do not engage in the amount of physical activity that they’re recommended to do. If they could start a garden at home, no matter how small, it would help them to get some physical activity that they otherwise weren’t getting. You will also benefit from spending time outdoors in nature, so start small and you can scale up as you get more experience in gardening.

You Can Save Money

For every additional item that you don’t have to go to the store to buy, you can put a little money aside to save. This means that, over time, you may save money by growing your own food. You can effectively grow enough to sustain yourself and this will save you additional trips to the grocery store. Many people wouldn’t mind exchanging the time they spend in traffic for time working in their garden, weeding, or planting the next crop. Experiment with different plants to create a variety of options to harvest. You can still save money even if you have to supplement what you cannot grow since you’re reduced your food budget already.

You Have Easy Access to Healthier Food

Needless to say, growing more of your own food is a great way to start eating healthier meals. This is because you won’t have to make a trip to the store every single time you want to eat fresh food. The easier it is for you to get fresh food, the more compelled you may be to cook healthier recipes. Food products that have fatty acids and oil will go bad if they are improperly packaged, so it’s great to be able to access fresh food as it won’t come with such risks.

You Live More Sustainably

Growing your own food helps you leave a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. This is because you rely less on food that has to be processed, even if minimally. You also increase the amount of greenery in your environment, something that will benefit the planet and your overall well-being. When you start a garden, you will make your immediate environment a bit greener and possibly inspire others around you to do the same. This can accumulate into great positivity for the environment and it can also help you develop a tighter bond with your family.

You Worry Less About Food Safety

When you have a garden to grow your own food, you can be sure it’s grown in good conditions. You don’t have to spray it with potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers, but will likely look for safer alternatives. This is because you know your continued health depends on eating healthy food. For the sake of your health and that of your entire family, you may enjoy growing your own food as it can promote peace of mind. You may also be more inspired to keep your home clean and organized if you have a garden. This is because you need to know where your gardening supplies are. With more than 50% of homeowners saying that their garage is their house’s most disorganized area, it may become easier to keep yours organized if you have to interact with it regularly while gardening. The garage is one of the best locations to store garden tools, bags of soil and mulch, and plants before they are ready to be planted.

Clearly, starting a garden can do a lot of good for you and your family. Don’t be intimidated by the terms you hear online and the requirements you may need to start a garden. You can start small and with plants that you’re comfortable growing, and over time, you could scale up and enjoy the entire process.