10 Best Gardening Podcasts Worth Listening To


Enjoy this list of the best gardening podcasts if you want something to listen to while you weed or do other chores. And if you want something to read, check out this list of the best gardening books

Let’s Argue About Plants

LAAB is a podcast focused on common gardening problems; sometimes, arguments happen. But these arguments, from the best minds in horticulture, give you both sides of the issue and a deeper understanding. Topics include herbs, weeds, pest control, seed saving, and winter gardening.

Epic Gardening Podcast

This podcast is known for being under 10 minutes and for answering questions sent in by listeners. It focuses on giving tips for growing fruits and veggies, saving seeds, and conserving soil.

Gardening with the RHS

The Royal Horticultural Society in the UK produces this podcast to inspire everyone to garden. Topics include money-saving tips, pest control, gardening contests and competitions, and specialty gardens like sensory gardens or nocturnal gardens. 

Cultivating Place

Ever wonder why humans started growing food or what the early days of agriculture looked like? This podcast is for you. In addition to those academic topics, Cultivating Place also explores what we can learn from our history intertwined with growing food with issues like the historical importance of tomatoes and seed saving as cultural communication.

All the Dirt

All the Dirt is Australia’s most popular gardening podcast and focuses on sustainability. The topics covered include planning garden plots, homesteading/self-sufficiency, and low, impact techniques for growing fruits, veggies, and herbs. 

Roots and All

This podcast goes a bit deeper into creating wonderful outdoor spaces and gardens in both the practical and artistic sense. In addition to growing food, they also talk about gardening for the senses, to benefit the wildlife around you, and using different gardening techniques.  


Gardenerd is a wonderful podcast that focuses more on urban gardening and the creative use of garden spaces and general gardening topics like growing fruits and vegetables, raised beds, and community gardens.

The Veg Grower Podcast

This podcast follows one man in his trial-and-error efforts gardening in his backyard. Use his experience to learn about cold-weather/winter gardening, pest control, and growing veggies in containers. 

The Dirt by Grow Your Own Magazine

All about growing fruits and veg, The Dirt is an insightful program that will help you grow healthier and tastier food and help you use your space to its fullest potential. Topics include container growing, soil conservation, and fertilizing practices. 

Kitchen Garden by The Kitchen Garden

This British podcast focuses on practical advice for growing everything you need in your kitchen, like herbs, fruits, and veggies. In addition, the podcast covers pest control, tips for individual crops like lettuce or grapes, and gardening for mental health. 


Which of these gardening podcasts would you listen to? What topics would you like to see covered in a podcast?

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