5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Fall on a Budget

August is officially here, which means autumn is right around the corner. While the idea of getting your garden ready for the cooler season might seem overwhelming, you don’t need to worry! Here’s how you can revamp your garden for fall without breaking your budget.

1. Compare Prices of Tools Online

If you’ve been using your tools throughout the spring and summer, you probably know if they need to be replaced by now. Prepare for the fall by deciding which tools you need to buy. Once you know what you need, compare the prices online so that you can buy it at the best rate. However, when you shop online, it is important to know what you are doing. Server attacks can leave you vulnerable to identity and credit card theft. Even Amazon recently had to guard itself against a massive DDoS attack on its server, with a peak volume of 2.3 Tbsp, which is the largest ever recorded. However, if you are careful with your information as you shop online, you can get some really great deals on necessary garden tools.

2. Buy Perennials When They’re On Sale

Unlike annuals, perennial plants will grow back on their own in the spring. This means that if you buy it once, you don’t need to keep buying the same plant in order to enjoy its presence in your garden. Perennials can be expensive when the season is just beginning. However, as fall arrives, garden centers will want to get rid of the perennials they have in stock. This means you’re likely to find some great sale prices for these plants. While this might not serve you so well this year, it will allow you to have the beautiful plants you want next year without paying full price for them.

3. Recycle Old Fall Decor

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you likely have some fall decor already. However, it can get worn out over the years. This is especially true when you’re using it outside in your garden. Look at your existing fall decors and see how you can recycle them. Some of it might not be salvageable and you’ll need to dispose of it. Others, however, could be upcycled into something new and fun. This will take a little extra work, but result in an exciting new addition to your fall garden that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money on it.

4. Consider Planting a Fall Garden

Did you know that some plants thrive in cool fall weather? A fall garden can be a great way to keep getting fresh produce well into the autumn, saving you money on your grocery bills. It can also add some color and decor to your yard as you plan for the fall. Look into what you need to grow things like kale and cabbage. If you plan it during the summer, you’ll be all set for a successful fall garden.

5. Clean Your Tools

Before you put your gardening tools away for the winter, make sure that they are clean. The last thing you want to do in the spring is to pull out your tools to find them rusted or caked with dirt. If you’re unsure of the best way to clean and store your tools, look for a website or server that can help you. If you take the time to do this now, you’ll be in better shape for spring.

Getting your garden ready for fall does not need to be expensive. Whether you’re planning another round of gardening or putting things to bed for the winter, you can do so cheaply. Then, you’ll be ready to start it all over again in the spring.