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Frugal Gardening Quick Tips

Have a great gardening tip that saves money? Share it with us. Simply email us so we can share it with everyone and others can save from your favorite frugal gardening tricks:


  • If you need to use a weed killer, buy the concentrate. It's expensive, and it doesn't work as well if you dilute it. So don't. Instead, pour some into a small eyedropper bottle (I use an old Schulz container), and put one drop smack in the the middle of the weed you want to kill. You won't hit the other plants, and it gets right to the root. The other alternative is to put the concentrate in a bottle and use a brush - we use an old rubber cement bottle, well cleaned out - and brush it on onion weeds or others that are difficult to kill and impossible to spray or dig up. -- Courtesy of Flash

  • Sprinkle salt between bricks or stones to keep grass from growing & to kill weeds in your lawn.

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