Garden Photo Archive

Each week we feature a different garden photo on our site. This is the archive of past photos. If you have a photo of your garden that you would like to share, please email us with the photo and a short explanation if desired.

Weekly Garden Photo

Weekly Garden Photo

Weekly Garden Photo – This house I pass every morning and afternoon with a bus full of elementary students. We often stop for a minute and talk about it. The best line was from a 3rd grader who said that it looks so good she wanted to eat it! – Courtesy of AL

Weekly Garden Photo – “My Garden” Courtesy of J. Bradley

Weekly Garden Photo – “My Garden” Courtesy of J. Bradley

Weekly Garden Photo – Courtesy of Cynthia Perry Schenectady, NY

Weekly Garden Photo – “my whisky barrel planters. They came out beautiful this year!”
Courtesy of Paula Satchell
Loveland, Colorado

Weekly Garden Photo – “I have an old Birdbath Water fountain that started leaking water. I did not have the money to replace. So I put my creativity to work and came up with the idea to cover it with moss, fill it with dirt and plant Creeping Jenny to flow over the sides like water. For that final touch I had an old cast iron bird that I put on top to give it an authentic look.” — Courtesy of Sandee Thompson

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