Pine Street Garden, San Francisco

pine street garden san francisco

Pine Street Garden is one of my favorite little things in San Francisco. Sure, we have the huge botanical gardens and the very special Japanese Tea Gardens. But the Pine Street Garden is the type of little gem that to me is what the heart of San Francisco is all about.

What Is Pine Street Garden?

pine street garden sf

It’s actually just a little fence on which local people have created a garden of small plants inside of upcycled containers for the neighborhood to enjoy. I’m not sure who established this spot. I’d assume it’s one or more of the people who live in the small apartment/house closest to it. I’ve loved watching it grow over the years during my walks past the place. It started out as just a few small plants hanging on the fence. Now the whole fence has plants on it in various containers.

Where Is Pine Street Garden?

If you want to find this little gem, then you need to walk along Pine Street in San Francisco. You’ll find it on the south side of the street, between Pierce and Scott streets. It’s located right in front of a residential parking lot. In fact, the housing’s trash cans are right on the other side of the fence. Before this was here, you just saw the trash cans. Now, you see gardens and art!

Upcycled Garden Containers

pine street garden

Each small plant, mostly succulents, grow inside of small upcycled containers hung on the fence. These containers include:

  • La Croix cans with the tops cut off
  • Water bottles cut in half and turned upside down
  • Wine bottles , also cut and turned upside down
  • Mason jars
  • Aluminum / tin cans (the kind for canned veggies)
  • Old gardening pots
  • Wooden containers

They also have a fabric hanging shelf, like the kind you’d hang over a door to tuck your shoes into the pockets. Little plants are tucked inside of soil in each pocket.

Why I Love Pine Street Garden

pine street garden

This is such a simple little garden. However, it speaks so much to me. I enjoy it every time I walk by. Just a few of the reasons why I love it so much include:

  • It’s a contribution to the whole neighborhood. It beautifies the block.
  • It’s also an inspiration. Many people here don’t have yards or decks where they can have big gardens. This is a reminder to make a garden in whatever space you do have.
  • There are such great upcycling garden ideas showcased here!
  • San Francisco has such an indomitable spirit. In the toughest of times, I’ve seen the people of this city come together, help each other, and bring creativity out into the streets in so many different ways. This is one small example of that.
  • It reminds me to look for the little things. It’s all too easy to get distracted on walks – by music or podcasts or just thoughts in my head. I love looking around to see unique, different, interesting, beautiful things. It reminds me to be in the moment and enjoy the small stuff. The way this garden subtly changes over time with its new additions reminds me of that.

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