9 New Year’s Resolutions for Gardeners

pile of vegetables, woman holding an eggplant

New Year, New Garden, right?

The new year allows us to start from a clean slate and decide what is essential and which is not. And that is where you should start your resolutions.

Consider what things are important to you and which are not. Make a list.

Below are a few things I will work on in my own garden this year.

Plan Early and Thoroughly

This year, I want to plan my garden early so I can test and add my amendments to the soil with enough time to acclimate and prevent chemical burns to my new plants.

Planning early allows me to research and adjust if there are plants or seeds I can’t get.

I also want to plan out more details than I usually do.

This includes double-checking what seeds and products I have, my square footage, and the estimated number of plants, and spending less time going back and forth to the store, ultimately saving me money.

Take Better Care of My Tools

I am so bad about exposing my tools to the elements or letting my school-age kids lose them.

So this year, I want to keep them in a protected place if I am not using them. And I want to keep them clean and oiled better.

Make my Garden a Community

We spend a lot of time in the garden, so this year, I want to make it a place where the whole family works together to make memories, get closer, and teach my kids good character.

But I also want to make it a place of rest. My parents would sit together in our garden every evening. My dad always said they were watching the plants grow, but now I understand it was an excellent place for them to escape the fast-paced modern life and the noise of a large family.

Donate Extra Produce to a Food Bank

Food banks and soup kitchens often find fresh produce a scarce commodity even though it adds much pleasure to the sensation of eating.

I want to grow enough food to donate plenty of produce.

Care for My Soil

I want to care for my soil that doesn’t just consist of adding fertilizer.

Instead, I want to use cover crops, amendments, and compost to create soil that nourishes my plants and beneficial bugs.

Attract More Beneficial Bugs

Some bugs are great for your garden.

I resolve to grow more plants that attract pollinators and predatory insects so my garden can thrive with less effort or chemicals.

Grow Something Adventurous

Grow something new or something you don’t usually grow. It will help you stay excited about your garden and give you a sense of newness to your garden.

Also, it will be fun to show your friends and try it out together!

Add More Perennials

Last, I want to add more perennials to my garden. Berry bushes, trees, asparagus, rhubarb, chives, and artichoke are all delicious and grow back year after year.

This means more food growing and less planting every year.


My New Year’s Resolutions are probably different than yours. What is on your list? Is it different from mine? Leave me a comment below!

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