Brice Capital Helped Me Launch My Produce Business

A few years ago, I experienced physical and mental overwhelm. I dealt with issues ranging from obesity and diabetes to chronic stress and anxiety. The pressures of my personal and professional obligations weighed me down. Trying to sustain a living and live up to the societal expectations of a successful life, I began to cave. Over time, I began to understand how my choices impacted my ability to live a happy and authentic life. So, I decided to make a change.

Healthier Living

I assessed my life and got to work making changes for the better. I eliminated anything toxic, stressful, or harmful from my life. I started diving deep into spirituality and incorporated yoga and meditation into my daily routine. Finally, I began making a shift to a plant-based diet. I created a garden in the backyard and started preparing fresh, nutritious meals at home. It took some time, but I started feeling good from the inside out.

A Greater Purpose

Adopting healthier lifestyle choices enhanced my quality of life by leaps and bounds. I wanted to share these benefits with others. So, I decided to turn my newfound hobby of gardening into a business. I wanted to sell fresh produce in my community while educating people on how to improve their diets for better living.

I got to work researching starting a produce business. Although I knew it would take hard work and dedication, I had no idea how much it would cost. There’s a lot of financial responsibility with being an entrepreneur, and I wanted to make sure I was ready. Ultimately, I had to clean up my finances.

Reducing My Debt

My first goal was to reduce my debt so I could cover household and business expenses. Most of my debt was credit cards that had gotten too expensive to manage. I found a site called BriceCapital.com and wanted to learn more. It turns out they’re a financial agency that offers debt consolidation loans to financially strapped consumers. It’s an opportunity to lump your credit card accounts into one, affordable, easy-to-manage loan.

I did a background check on the agency and found that they were responsible for helping many Americans pursue dreams, from investing in real estate to traveling the world. I talked with an agent and got approved for a loan that lowered my interest, monthly payments and saved me a ton on late fees. I was also surprised at the emotional and physical relief I got from getting my finances in order.

Building A Savings

Since running a business requires a financial investment, I wanted to ensure I had money. I didn’t want to risk going back into debt. The best way to do that was to set money aside for expenses. Fortunately, I saved so much money on high-interest credit cards that I had a few bucks to put into an account. I also started keeping a portion of my income and completing small tasks for some extra money. Over the course of a year, I built a strong enough nest egg to pursue my produce and nutrition education business.

Launching My Dream

Once I had my debt under control and decent savings, I was ready to launch my vision. I got to work building a more extensive garden, purchasing supplies, creating a website, and marketing my services. I started selling my produce at local farmer’s markets and providing nutritional classes online. It took a while to gain traction, but many people were interested in learning more about healthy living before long.

My life was in shambles less than five years ago. I understood I had a lot to live for, so I put in the work to make the change. Upon experiencing this freeing sense of life, I decided I wanted to share that with others. Brice Capital gave me the starting chance I needed to accomplish my goals. With less debt, I could focus my attention and money on building something that would improve many lives.